You want your house to sell fast. That doesn't mean you have to invest in costly, time-consuming remodeling projects. Here are eight easy, inexpensive strategies to ensure your house shows well when on the market, so it sells quickly:
Make a Great First Impression

That first look when potential buyers arrive should be welcoming and suggest the home has been well cared for. Pop a fresh coat of paint on the front door, and consider a new garage door if the current one is dented, discolored or warped. Tame a wild yard by weeding beds, trimming trees and bushes, and keeping the grass mowed. Remove and replace mangy plants with fresh, lively ones. If your driveway is dotted with oil stains, search the internet for cost-effective and environmentally-friendly ways to clean
it up.
Showcase the Space

Allow buyers to see themselves—and their stuff—in the space by minimizing your furniture. Reduce the amount of items in all rooms (especially oversized items), so rooms appear spacious. Make sure each room has one clear purpose. Finally, remove any old, worn-out items.
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Declutter Closets, Countertops, Cabinets and More

Ample storage sells, but if your spaces are bursting at the seams, buyers won't see what's available. Declutter closets, countertops and cabinets by donating items you rarely use, moving seasonal items into storage tubs kept offsite, and taking advantage of organizers to make these areas appear larger, clean and inviting. Get a jump-start on your packing by storing knickknacks, pictures and other items on display. And organize and sweep the garage.
Clean It Up

Professionally cleaned carpets will perk up carpet fibers and remove any stains or lingering odors from pets, cooking or years of use. Also stay on top of dusting, sweeping, vacuuming and mopping while your house is on the market; don't let a "dirty house" be a distraction. Finally, wipe down appliances, windows, doorknobs, light switches and bathrooms to allow the house to shine.

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Be 'Scentsible'

Freshly baked cookies, vanilla scent plug-ins or a bouquet of flowers can appeal to buyers' senses. Ensure buyers are greeted by pleasant smells when touring your home. If you've got musty smells, invest in a good dehumidifier or air purifier to clean the air. Also make sure garbage cans are always emptied.

Tell a Story

Type or handwrite a letter to prospective buyers explaining what you appreciate about the house, the neighborhood and the community, so they have a broader picture of what it means to pick your home.

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Price It Right

Keep an eye on what similar homes in the area have sold for in the last couple of months. Be objective when you compare the house age, style, size, yard and updates to your listing.

Sweeten the Deal

Think about how you might be able to offer incentives for buyers if needed during negotiations. Perhaps you could pay the next year's homeowners association dues or include unique appliances or furniture that fit the space really well.

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8 Easy Strategies to Sell Your Home Fast

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